The Dog Team

Our Dog Team consists of Brittany Spaniels , English Pointers and a Yellow lab; I think this mix covers all the bases in the pointing dog breeds as both breeds bring different strengths to the table.The lab is also an asset not just with Waterfowling as I also use her to flush Upland Birds. On average the dogs 250 days in the field combined training and hunting, we spend a great amount of time on the Northern Plains,Then we head home to the desert and mountains of Arizona followed by a yearly trip to the Southern Plains of Oklahoma.

Over past and during the present season(s) my dogs have pointed, Bob White Quail, Scaled Quail, Mearns Quail, Gamble’s Quail, Valley Quail, Chuckar Partridge, Gray Partridge; Sage Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse, Blue Grouse, Pinnated Grouse (lesser Prairie Chicken), Ringneck Pheasants, Snipe and a Wood Cock that strayed form its flight path and ended up in Western Oklahoma. The Dogs and Myself have hunted In Canada ,the United States and Mexico.We have also assisted Oklahoma State University conduct Bob White Quail research on The Selman Ranch under the tutelage of Dr. Fred Guthery, but that is another story!

Besides tacking up hundreds of thousands of miles we have blown two engines and three transmissions on two different Suburbans, worn out countless pairs of boots, made numerous trips to Vet. clinics across the West, no doubt we will continue to do so as we search for the “Holy Grail” of upland bird hunting that is rumored to be located somewhere in Western North America.

Finally, our dogs are not just hunters; they are members of our family who bring a lot of joy to Lisa and myself.

Alberta Bird Hunting Buffalo Wallow
Dave Brown and Ben O Williams on the Selman Ranch (Buffalo Ok.) with a few dog
Nikki Taylor
Zane with Super Model Nikki Taylor

Alberta Bird Hunting Outfitters

Sunny, Alberta Bird Dog
Alberta Bird Dogs
Alberta Bird Dogs
 Okie pointing Quail
   Crash and Jasper
Crash retrieves a Bobwhite Quail

Alberta Bird Hunting Outfitters

Saskatchewan Bird Hunting Outfitters
Saskatchewan Bird DogsZane – Age 14
Zane is the oldest dog in the pack. He is a medium-running dog and a very thorough hunter. Zane also enjoys flyfishing and spends his summers with Dave helping guide flyfishermen. He has been known to point rising trout ,Zane’s other specialty is working the Duck Marsh as he is a excellent retriever and loves the water .
Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsRoxy – Age 12
Alias Spice Girl, Roxy loves to have fun, and despite her petite size, she is a very-big-running dog. She is a favorite amongst clients, because she is so affectionate. Roxy is almost comical when she is on point-and she is on point often.
Saskatchewan Bird DogsCovey – Age 12
Like his littermate, Roxy, Covey is a very-big-running dog, and in 2000 he was the Canadian Derby Dog of the year. Covey is a staunch pointer and backer, and loves to retrieve.
Saskatchewan Bird DogsHigh Plains Buddy – Age 4
High Plains” Buddy ” Boy DOB May 15 2006

Buddy is an Elhew Pointer that is showing great potential another dog to watch in seasons to come

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsTed  – Age 6 (almost)
High Plains “Ted ” DOB 25 March 2005

Ted is one of my “go to’ dogs , he is a bird finding machine and very big running like his Sire Miller’s Silver Bullet when out in the field Ted can be reached via email (

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsOkie – Age 5

Bodarc-HighPlains “Okie” DOB 1 Sept.2005 Okie is a Fiddler Elhew cross that came from Mike Logan’s Bodarc Kennels ,I cannot say enough good things about mike’s breeding program and you will see more Bodarc pointers in seasons to come

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSpot – Age 4
High Plains “Spot” D.O.B 15 June 2006

Spot is an Elhew -Miller cross ,he flat out loves to hunt ,and is one of the “go to” dogs

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsHilda –Age 4
High Plains “Hilda” D.O.B 22 Aug 2006

Hilda came to us via Ben O Williams ,she is a very good little Brittany and is tenacious when it comes to Birds

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsTish – Age 3
High Plains Latisha “Tish ” D.O.B. 25 Jan.08

Tish is both an Upland Dog used to flush and pick up dead birds and a Waterfowl Dog,where she is used to retrieve Ducks and Geese. She is fearless when it comes to water and is one of the most enthusiastic dogs you will ever meet . 

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSlick – Age 4
High Plains Slick -D.O.B May 25 2007

One of our new members slick is turning into an awesome little bird dog

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsCruz – Age 3
Bodarc-High Plains Santa “Cruz” DOB 4 July 2008

Cruz has come into her own and is a very consistent Bird Finder and a strong running dog.

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsMartha – Age 4
Bodarc-High Plains “Martha”Muffin D.O.B 25 May 2007

Martha one of the sweetest Pointers you will ever meet ,she is a natural pointer ,backer and retriever Fiddler-Elhew Cros

Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsSam – Age 4
Sam is a Miller Pointer (1/2 brother to Ted) who is a welcome asset to the Team .he is the largest of our pointers and very intense on point
Saskatchewan Bird DogsSaskatchewan Bird DogsDixie – Age 14 Weeks
Dixie already has pointed Gambles ,Scaled and Mearns Quail She should turn out to be a great dog, Dixie comes from Bodarc Kennels in Oklahoma and is a Fiddler /Guard Rail /Elhew Cross
Saskatchewan Bird DogsReba – Age 1
Reba is an Elhew -Miller cross who is tunring into a fine Bird Dog .