2017 Farmstead Pics

Farmstead -Saskatchewan

As a Bird Hunter I am drawn to the Abandoned Farmsteads that dot both The Southern and Northern Great Plains Landscape.The Shelter Belts that surround the old homesites are a sanctuary for Wildlife.An oasis to get out of the cold winds of winter and most provide nesting cover once Spring rolls around.

Old Farmsteads our an example of everything Hungarian Partridge and other Game Birds  need for habitat

Ontop of being a “sure bet” that there is going to be a Covey or two of Huns hanging around somewhere, to me they represent an  era of hardship as Homesteaders tried to scratch out a living, some did good while others failed.They all have stories and some very cool old things to look at.

Old School House near The Missouri River Breaks -Montana



Farmstead -Montana


Top Floor Window -Saskatchewan
Grain Bin -Saskatchewan
Stove -Saskatchewan
Old Shop -Montana
Grain Bin  -Montana
Baby Carriage -Saskatchewan
Farmstead -Saskatchewan