Adios “Spot” June 2006 – Feb. 28 -2017

Spot -How I will always Remember Him

This afternoon Spot was diagnosed with Lymphoma and given the circumstances I made the difficult decision to put Spot down.At 2.35 PM his Heart stopped beating,I said good bye to what in my mind was a perfect Bird Dog .

Spot (foreground) and His Mother Jamie team up on a Covey of Huns -SK

From when I first met him as a 4 month old puppy I knew I would have my hands full, he was very shy or aloof never really wanting attention.However within a week I also knew I had an exceptional Bird Dog.His first point was on a Covey of Huns in Saskatchewan,it is as clear in my mind as if it had happened  Yesterday.The little Miller/Elhew X English Pointer  was running around dragging a Check Cord following  a couple of Brittany’s then suddenly  froze with a low tail set, looked back at me as if to say WTF?  seconds later a Covey of Huns blasted into the air,a bird was shot by a client,Spot ran over picked it up and brought it to hand.

5 month old Spot backing Zane on a Covey of Huns

Spot was a “hard Ass “If he had been a Human he would have been that little wiry guy that you sensed its best to stay away from because he “knows some shit” and you would probably get your ass kicked if you pushed the wrong button.Spot  mellowed out with age and became somewhat social.He developed a great relationship with Lisa and would actually try to talk to her via a low howl.Over time he started to play with some of the Puppies that keep appearing at our house.He was also  great mentor to a lot of our young dogs,he tolerated their screw ups and did not sink to their level.Yet he seemed willing to show them the ropes,Crush is testament to that.

Spot with a Sharptail

Spot and I  shared some tense moments. I stood there with him as he faced a charging pack of Javelinas that he pointed, they laid into him and he gave it right back,thankfully my .40 cal and a Client’s shotgun put and end to it.I was running Him in Saskatchewan when he fell into a Shallow Well or  Drainage Hole. that was on the edge of a Cattail Slough.He had been in it for  awhile before I found him and fished  him out.

Spot and Martha getting it done in Oklahoma

When it came to hunting Spot tore it up wherever he went.He hunted both hard and well,Spot was the dog to put on the ground when the chips where down, he would always produce.

Spot at 8 months pointing Mearns Quail

I was fortunate to have hunted Spot in Alberta,Arizona,New Mexico,Texas,Oklahoma,Montana ,Idaho,Sonora MX and Saskatchewan.During his career he pointed Sharptail Grouse,Lesser Prairre Chickens ,Sage Grouse,Ruffed Grouse,Hungarian Partridge ,Bobwhite,Scaled,Gambels and Mearns Quail,along with Pheasants.He handled  all birds perfectly.

Spot backing Idaho Bill and Slick on a Sharptail find In Saskatchewan -2016

This morning I knew what the inevitable outcome of The Vet Visit was going to be.I took Spot out for a drive as he loved to ride shotgun, we drove thru town then turned off the highway onto gravel of as usual  he perked up,and searched the side of the road looking Road Coveys.I drove into one of ur training areas and  ran him one last time.He did not find any birds but despite being in some pain really enjoyed it.Later on we made the seemingly  long and  surreal drive to Nogales and the Vet.Office where the diagnosis was given.

Spot in Montana 2016

I’ll miss him.He was always at the gate waiting and wanting to go hunting.I’ll miss him in the field, wishing he was still around when things get tough.I’ll miss our little drives thru town, with him curled up on the passenger seat looking content and probably thinking he has the world by the Balls.Lisa will miss him trying to talk to her,his counter surfing attempts and his low key approach to getting treats.

Last Run

Spot now joins Sunny,Cochise,Quincy,Clint,Jamie,Jasper,Crash,Okie,Covey,Roxy,Zane,Lucy,Tank,Hilda,

Reba,Dixie and his arch rival Ted  in The Land of 1000 Bird Coveys.I know he will be waiting at the Gate for me when I get there.He always has and always will.R.I.P. Spot you where truly the best.Thanks to Dr. Roberto Rojas and The staff at Companions Animal Hospital Nogales AZ.

Last Ride –