Are you in ? Arizona Quail Hunting

Mearns Quail -Arizona

The Monsoons have hit Southern Arizona.Although to early to tell what effects the much needed rains will have on Southern Arizona  Quail Populations one can assume it will have a  positive impact on Mearns and Scaled Quail reproduction.What this means for Arizona Quail  Hunters is that we should see an increase in Mearns Quail numbers and Scaled Quail will also respond to the rains .Be forewarned  the hunting will be far from epic ,however it should be better than what was experienced last season. Those willing to put in the effort should be rewarded ,those that will sit around and bitch   complain  will not .See ya out there !


My Dogs are in, are you ?
Arizona Scaled Quail
Buddy pointing running Scalies while Tish sits before being released to flush.
Chica pointing Scaled Quail in Arizona


Martha and Sammy pointing Mearns Quail


Jose our 6 month old Lab. Puppy thinks that no matter what it’s going to be a great season ..she is going to be all over it .