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Arizona Grand Slam Scaled,Gambels and Mearns Quail

Arizona Grand Slam Scaled,Gambels and Mearns Quail -El Coronado Ranch

Ontop of accessibility and Climate one of the key advantages Arizona has over most Quail Hunting Destinations is that Arizona is  home to three huntable species of Wild Quail with include Mearns,Gambels and Scaled Quail.All  threes species of Arizona Quail are dependent on timely rains.In the case of Gambels Quail they require Winter Rain,Scaled Quail also like Winter Rain but will respond to Summer Rains,Mearns Quail require or respond to Summer or Monsoon rains.The Benefit for planing  an Arizona Guided Quail Hunt is that Arizona always has huntable populations of Wild Quail for Quail Hunters to pursue.Our licensed and local Arizona Quail Hunting Guides like to target all three species during the course of a guided Arizona Quail Hunt.Ensuring that our Clients have the opportunity to harvest an Arizona Quail Slam consisting of the three species of Arizona Quail.


Arizona Mearns Quail and a 16 gauge  shotgun

Male Mearns Quail and 16 Gauge Shotgun

Arizona Quail Hunting Season

The Arizona Quail Hunting season opens in Mid -October and generally its is to hot and snaky.We suggest booking an Arizona Quail hunt from mid to late November thru to the 2nd Sunday in February when the Arizona Quail Hunting Season ends.If you are a Quail Hunter seeking the ultimate Arizona Wild Quail and Dove hunting experience you need to consider a booking a Guided Arizona Quail Hunt with Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Outfitter- Dave Brown Outfitters.

English Pointers point Arizona Gambels Quail

Dogs Stacked up on Arizona Gambels Quail

Our Guided Arizona Quail Hunts Format consists of Day hunts out of Patagonia Arizona and private,all inclusive and exclusive hunts on The 50,000 acre El-Coronado Ranch and Lodge.Dave Brown Outfitters can tailor a hunt to target “All Wild” Arizona Mearns ,Gambels and Scaled Quail along with Mourning Doves when in Season.

Gambels Quail Hunting  in Arizona

Gambels Quail -Arizona Quail Hunting Guides

Dave Brown Outfitters owns the largest commercial Dog String in The State of Arizona.Our well trained English Pointers,Brittanys and Labrador Retrievers are raised and trained in the harsh Desert Environment,ensuring our Clients that our Dogs are very familiar with the ways of the wily and wild Arizona Mearns,Gambels and Scaled Quail.

Scaled Quail Hunting in Arizona

Millie Points a Covey of Mearns Quail while BooBoo sits before being released to flush and retrieve.

Our Arizona Quail Hunting Guides are all Arizona Residents that live in “Mearns Land”, most are former or active Border Patrol Agents or in the case of Dave Brown a Veteran Canadian Army Paratrooper. You know you will your guides will show up,care for your safety,have a vast knowledge of the area and have some exciting stories to tell.


The Journey Within Mearns Quail Video with Mark Peterson Owner of World Trophy Adventures

We worked with Mark and his Father on their quest to hunt and harvest all the Upland Gamebird Species in North America.The hunted with us in 2020 and where successful in shooting an Arizona Quail Slam.Mark owns World Trophy Adventures which books Arizona and Saskatchewan Hunts for Dave Brown Outfitters.

Hunters displaying Mearns Quail and a Yeti Cooler in Arizona

Happy Hunters with Mearns Quail

We spend a great deal of time training dogs, scouting and Quail Hunting throughout Southern Arizona,ensuring we are on top of all things related to Arizona Quail Hunting and what areas or habitats have birds.We also spend time in Montana and Saskatchewan Guiding Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunts before the Arizona Quail Hunting Season starts.

Arizona Mearns ,Gambels and Scaled Quail

Arizona Quail Slam consisting of Mearns,Gambels and Scaled Quail

This is important for hunters looking to book a guided  Arizona Quail Hunting Trip with Dave Brown Outfitters as more often than not Arizona Quail hatches can be “spotty” as the hatches are dependent on Summer or Winter rains.

The Journey Within Upland Bird Video Series

Mark Peterson owner of World Trophy Adventures Shoots a Arizona Quail Slam in a day while hunting with our Arizona Quail Guides.

Arizona Quail Hunting Guides in Patagonia Arizona

Arizona Quail Hunting Guides Danny,James and Justin are ontop of their game.

As  the only Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Outfitter in the State,Veteran owned Dave Brown Outfitters caters to groups of 2 -6 hunters with a 2 hunters to 1 guide ratio and we don’t “mix” parties.

Desert Quail Hunting with pointing dogs in arizona

Scaled Quail Hunting -SE Arizona

Our Arizona Quail Guided Day Hunts are based out of Patagonia Arizona which is located in the S.E .corner of the State we are 70 miles from Tucson which is a closest commercial Airport.Patagonia has some good lodging and eateries,bottomline is that you will love our little town and the Arizona Quail Hunting opportunities that surround it.For more information Click here or call 800-453-3991 or text us @520-604-2729 

A Brittan ySpaniel points Mearns Quail in Arizona

Kate pointing a Covey of Arizona Mearns Quail

2021/22 Arizona Quail Hunting Season Dates 

2020/21 Arizona  Gambels and Scaled Quail Season

10/16/2020  – 2/6/2021
2021/22 Arizona Mearns Quail Season
12/3/202q- 2/6/2022

Arizona Quail Hunting Limit

Daily Limit =15 which 8 can be Mearns Quail


Two Dogs point Mearns Quail in Arizona

Kate and Chili pointing Arizona Mearns Quail with a great back drop

Arizona Dove and Duck Hunting

Dove Hunting in Arizona

Arizona Mounring Dove setup

A hunter holds two Mexican Ducks in Arizona

Mexican Ducks

We also offer our intrepid clients Dove and Duck Hunting.Duck hunting consists of jump shooting tanks and can be a lot of fun.Dove Hunting is also conducted around tanks and usually consists of shooting them when they go to water in the evenings.Arizona is famous for it’s Mourning Dove Hunting.There is no extra charge for  Dove and Duck hunting.Contact us for details.

Dove hunting in Arizona

Dove Hunting


2020-21 Arizona Quail Hunting Guide Rates 

1 Hunter =$995 per day

2 Hunters =$1200 per day


Guide with Dogs

Deli Lunch


Transportation to and from the field

*rates are subject to change without notice *

Patagonia Arizona Quail Hunting Lodging 

Stage Stop Inn -Patagonia Arizona

The Stage Stop Inn


A Hunter covers a point in Arizona

Honey backed by Sunny

A Holland &Holland Shotgun

Holland and Holland Shotgun



Arizona Hunting License

Shotgun shells

Gun sock or soft case

 El Coronado Ranch Hunts

El Coronado Lodge

Located in S.E. Arizona The El Coronado Ranch is comprised of 50,000 acres which 36,000 are deeded.The result is an all inclusive and exclusive  Arizona Wild Quail Hunting that is unique to the Desert South West.Click Here and visit our El Coronado Ranch Page for Rates and Dates.

A mearns quail and a purdey shot gun

Male Mearns Quail

Our El Coronado All inclusive Hunts Rates are

$4495 per person 4 nights /3 days

$4995 Single Supplement

2020/2021 Slots for 6 guns only are as follows 

  • Arrive Dec 10  Hunt 11,12,13, Depart Dec.14
  • Arrive Dec 15 Hunt 16,17,18  Depart Dec.19
                               2021 Dates
  • Arrive Jan 3      Hunt 4,5,6 Depart Jan 7
  • Arrive Jan 8       Hunt 9,10,11, Depart Jan 12
  • Arrive Jan 14     Hunt 15,16,17 Depart  Jan.18
  • Arrive  Jan 21    Hunt 22,23,24 Depart Jan 25
  • Arrive Jan 27     Hunt 28,29,30 Depart  Jan 31
  • Arrive Feb 4      Hunt 5,6,7 Depart Feb 8

Not included are the following, transportation to the Lodge,Hunting License and Gratuities.We can provide transportation for those that are flying privatley into Douglas -Bisbee International Airport

Arizona Mearns Quail

Mearns Quail and a Belgian SxS


two hunters move in to cover a point in arizona

Covering a point

Dave Brown Outfitters -Arizona Quail Hunting Guides Equipment List 

During the Arizona Quail Season temperatures can range from 32 in the AM up to 75 in the PM.Arizona Quail Hunters need to dress in layers to adjust to the temperature variations.

  • Uninsulated Boots with lots of ankle support
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Rain Jacket
  • Shooting Gloves
  • Strap Vest 
  • Light weight Hunting Pants
  • 12-20 gauge shotgun (hinged action preferred) choked Skeet & IC
  • #6 Shot for Desert Quail
  • #7.5 shot for Mearns Quail
  • Gun Sock or Soft Case
  • Layered Upper Body Clothing
  • Items of a Personal Nature
  • Arizona Hunting License 

   Guided Arizona Quail Hunting and Your Dogs.

pointing dogs point gambels quail in Arizona

Desert Point

Bringing your dog on a Guided Arizona Quail Hunt with Dave Brown Outfitters is no problem,They will gain tremendous experience and this is something we encourage.We suggest running your dog(s) with ours and you express your goals which you want to achieve while hunting your dogs in Arizona.


To Book A hunt with Dave Brown Outfitters -Arizona Quail Hunting Guides Email Dave,Text Dave @520-604-2729 or Call Us @800-453-3991 

An English Pointer finds Arizona Gambels Quail

Millie Pointing Mearns Quail

Arizona Mearns Quail and an old Shotgun

Mearns Quail

Arizona Quail Species 

The State of Arizona is Home to three huntable species of Quail,consisting of Gambels,Mearns and Scaled Quail.All can be found in the S.E, Corner of the State.Dave Brown Outfitters -Arizona Quail Hunting Guides can set up a Hunt to target all Three Species that live in our area of the State.To learn more about Arizona Quail Click Here.


Arizona Gambels Quail

Gambels Quail


Arizona Mearns Quail

Mearns Quail


Arizona Scaled Quail

Scaled Quail



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