Arizona Quail Hunting Pics

The Pop Corn rise begins

Bird Hunting Zen

This Arizona Quail Season will go down as poor for Desert Quail (Gambels and Scaled ) and ok but spotty for Mearns Quail.This is due to poor winter rains which Gambels and to some extent Scaled Quail rely on.The Summer or Monsoon Rains where overall ok which translates into another year of The Mearns Quail .Decent in some places not so in others.But thats hunting.Perhaps a more realistic Mearns year than what we have experienced in seasons past.So what to do ?Get outside and play of course ! I can’t think of a better place to do that.Afterall Hunting is the excuse to get you out there so take it in Amigos.

Mearns Country Scenery
Covering a Point
Desert Scenery
Getting high
Male Mearns Quail
The Honey Badger
Desert Wren Nest
Covering a point
Taking it in
The reward