Arizona Quail Hunting Report – Focus in on The Central Part of The State



Scaled Quail Points are going to be few and far between


Without sounding  negative the hunting here in S.E. Arizona is going to be really shitty   tough , of course local hunters that are extremely familiar with the area ,the coveys etc will have ok hunting but it is going to be far from stellar.So far I have been out chasing Desert Birds and Scouting for Mearns , I am not seeing good numbers of anything . If you are thinking about coming down and getting out of the snow my suggestion is to work the Central part of the State focusing on the area around Globe, San Carlos and The Tonto Basin . There are a couple of good sources on info for those looking to escape to warmer climes have a look at this website for Central Arizona Reports ,The Author Robert Corley  is a real killer ,hunts all the time from the start of the season to the end ,posting some good reports on what he is finding .Another Good source is found on The Upland Journal , watch for posts from Central AZ’s roysetters ,he to get’s at it,there is a wealth of information and some great pics to be had . In the meantime I will be be slugging it out here in  S.E. AZ I know the area and don’t want to drive anywhere to far to hunt .

S.E. Arizona Gambels Point -they to are going to be few and far between