Book Review -An Introduction to Hunting Arizona’s Small Game by Randall Babb


Arizona Game and Fish Biologist,Buddy and Hunter, Randy Babb pinned it when with this new release on Hunting Small Game in Arizona .With Chapters ranging from Rabbit hunting  to Crane Hunting, Randy covers it all,from decoys spreads to the dinner table ,how to hunt Gambels Quail to where Gambels live , it’s all here . In Hunting Small Game in Arizona there  is more detail about all things feathered than any other book I have read regarding Wingshooting in Arizona , covering topics and species that most Resident and Non -Resident Hunters don’t even think about . Bottom line whether you are a Novice  or Seasoned Hunter there is something in this book for everyone .Randy’s attention to detail shows through with his equipment lists , tactics, and Biological understanding of the Species he writes about  .There is even a few points  on hunting etiquette,a subject that lacks at times especially  in Mearns Land .CLick Here  Buy it and LEARN Something .


Randy Babb with Sharptail Grouse –