Buying Double Guns

A couple of nice SxS’s and a male Mearns Quail

With all the choices in shotguns that are out there it seems the guns that really draw the ultimate in “sexy’ comments are side by sides shotguns.A few reasons for this are they are the original game guns as SxS’s and have been around a lot longer than any other model of shot gun except maybe the single shot.

H&H Dominion Grade

That ads an element of tradition for those partaking in a sport that is steeped in.A lot of Doubleguns that are out there and being used by hunters come from an era when shotgun manufacturing was done by hand, with very little machining so there is a high degree of craftsmanship which is easily displayed on older guns regardless of price.Weight is another issue, for the most part a lot of SxS’s weigh less than their modern counterparts(Auto’s,Pumps and O/U’s )making then easier to carry and faster to shoulder while in the field.

Francotte Boxlock with Side Plates

Price wise you can spend a small fortune or not.Have look around on the Interweb there are plenty of decent guns out there for under $3K.

The high end of Shotguns A Holland and Holland 20 Gauge

A fun way to make excuses to yourself for purchasing old or new SxS Shotguns is to pick a manufacture or a country of origin.My early endeavors where focused on British guns.Afterall The U.K. is the birth place of all things shotguns so I ran with that, and after buying and selling a few I comfortable in owning two British 16 gauge guns and one 12 Bore.

Francotte Box Lock and Texas Scaled Quail

With the exception of the 12 (an E Greeley and Son circa 1910) which cost $3500 the other guns where purchased for around $2500.

My 12 Gauge Britsh Gun

A budding collector can go on a early American Shotgun theme,chasing the old Parkers,Fox’s and Ithica’s or choose to collect guns from other countries such as Spain,Italy,Belgium and Germany.

A Berreta SxS and Mearns Quail

All are great guns and well worth the chase.For those that are looking for affordable new Shotguns check out the Turkish built guns brought in by CZ USA

Gray Partridge and a German Guild 16 Gauge Gun -Cost $500

You don’t have to break the bank when you are looking to buy a SxS but you may have to justify your purchase to the higher authority.A few ways you can do this are by explaining that it is an apprciating investment,a bolder move would be to explain that you need that gun for certain style of hunting because your existing guns do not have the right chokes.A shotgun sludge fund is also another great way to save and get a new to you gun inside the house, providing that no one knows how many guns you currently own.Have fun with it and enjoy!

Admiring Huns -and Spanish Guns