Ch. Kinwashkly Gibbs Runner -“Covey ” 1997 – 3 July 2012

Covey pointing Mearns Quail in Arizona
 Lisa  had the difficult task  of putting down an old Brittany  yesterday part of the original three. As usual it’s a tough one but it was best for Covey.For the 10 or so years that Covey  hunted he lit it up ,often .In 2000 he was the Canadian Kennel Club Derby Dog of The Year beating both Pointers and Setters ,shortly after that he became a Show Champion . A true dual purpose dog. Covey first and foremost was a Bird Dog and a Pet .He was tenacious in the field and mellow around the house. Over the years he hunted in Alberta ,Saskatchewan, British Columbia ,Montana,Wyoming , Kansas, Oklahoma,New Mexico and Arizona .One of my fondest memories of Covey is “road hunting ‘as we moved to various covers throughout our Southern Alberta stomping grounds .Covey in a dog way insisted that he ride up front with his hind legs on the console and his front legs on the dashboard ,the two of use would scan the sides of the gravel roads in hopes of a road covey ..he was that smart and loved it that much.On a hunt in British Columbia Covey pointed five species of Game Birds including Pheasants,Huns ,Chukars , Valley Quail and a Ruffed Grouse all in one afternoon, a record in our books .

Covey pointing Sharptails in Saskatchewa
After he “retired ” two years ago he would stand by the gate barking when I loaded the dog string and  he would be there when we returned as he always wanted to be part of the rituals that surround Bird Hunting and Bird Dogs .

Covey with a Hun in Alberta
I feel good knowing he had a better life with Lisa and I than he would have with his previous owner ,who was a thinking of having him put down,it seemed that both Covey and I had won the Lottery .Covey also thought he had hit the  jackpot  when we worked the Selman Ranch in Oklahoma , he would often show up at the door of the Ranch House with a chicken in his mouth , an easy bonus so he thought!,needless to say Sue Selman was not impressed .Lisa and I new this was coming ,we discussed it the night before and yesterday morning .Putting a dog down is never easy .In celebration of Covey’s life I  put my boat in at the Wolf Creek Bridge on the Missouri River in Montana, A place where on our trips from Arizona I would stop to air the dogs ,Covey would often mark his turf there . He was with us yesterday , his spirit blowing in the strong Montana wind , the fishing was no -holds barred and we kicked it , just like Covey would do if he  was a fishing guide or if he was hunting .
Covey is off  to the land of 1000 Bird Coveys , he will be the little orange and white speck on the horizon for his new owner. He now joins Cochise ,Quincy ,Crash, Jasper, Sunny, Clint , Jamie and Okie.  Covey’s Brother and arch-rival Clint will be happy to see him ,I am sure the two of them will pick up where they left off .
                                                           R.I.P. Covey Dog ,we will miss  you .
Backing his littermate Roxy on Bobwhites in Oklahoma


Pointing Huns in Saskatchewan


Covey laying down at the Wolf Creek Montana Bridge on the Missouri River
Covey backed by his littermate Roxy in Saskatchewan