Desert Quail Hunt

Southern Arizona Scenery
Blue Quail Country

It was time to get serious and go out and actually hunt instead of just running dogs.This morning I loaded myself and 6 dogs up and off we went into Cochise County in search of Scaled Quail.I should have been out the door earlier so I could hunt in cooler temperatures ..oh well.The first dogs out of the Truck where Idaho Bill,Kate and Milly .

Kate and Idaho Bill on Point

Despite the crappy scenting conditions and the heat they did well.Scoring points on Out of Season Mearns Quail and a couple of coveys of Scaled Quail all on an hour long loop.

Fall Colors in The Desert

I switched out dogs and headed off in another direction only to get hosed by a Covey of Gambels Quail  ..Mission accomplished!  I can’t wait  until it cools off!

First Bird of the Season a “young of the year” Scaled Quail
Milly Backs Kate
Idaho Bill,Kate and Milly