What my Dogs are looking forward to .

This time of year my Dog’s  take the backseat to fishing ,fly-tying and getting ready for the Guiding Season. They are bored.Except for a bit of yard work and hanging out in my office not much is going on. Sammy has taken to drinking ,while Tish now likes to hangout with the Cat.


Not much can be done ,they seem to know it is fishing season ,after that  the fun starts for them .

Tish with our Cat

Saskatchewan  Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting is looking good this year , on all fronts .I can’t wait ? how about you ?We still have a few slots left contact me for the details .

Tish after a morning Duck Shoot
Okie pointing Huns


Spot and Reba Pointing Huns


Dixie pointing Huns


Looking for the Hilltop Coveys


Saskatchewan Waterfowl
Hilda working a farmstead


Sammy admiring his work