El Coronado Ranch – Arizona Quail Hunting Lodge

El Coronado Ranch-Arizona Quail Hunting

Located in S.E. Arizona The El Coronado Lodge is The only all “wild” Arizona Quail Hunting Lodge in Arizona.The all inclusive El Coronado Lodge offers our clients the rarity of a luxury accommodation featuring private rooms,great food and beverage plus three species of wild Arizona Quail which include Mearns,Gambels and Scaled.In 2021 there has been a change in ownership which brings the total acreage to an excess of 150,000 acres of Private and inaccessible Forest Service and State Trust Land in Arizona and New Mexico which we are permitted for.The Primary Private Land that we hunt has been managed and in some cases restored for Quail habitat.The Lodge and Hunting Program have been featured in Covey Rise,Shooting Sportsman,Grays Sporting Journal and other sporting magazines.The El Coronado Lodge is the finest wild Bird Hunting Lodge of its kind in North America.

This unique venue is hunted 6-8 times per year and slots are limited to 10 Hunters . Orvis Endorsed Dave Brown Outfitters operates on a 2 Hunters per 1 Guide Ratio and we do not mix parties.Hunters can expect to have a have a shot at harvesting the coveted Arizona Quail Slam quite easily during a three day hunt as Mearns,Gambels and Scaled Quail can all be found on our Ranches.Furthermore due to the intensive Arizona Quail Habitat restoration practices that have taken place,Wild Arizona Quail species do not fluctuate as much as compared to areas or properties where there has been little or no Quail Habitat Restoration or management.


$5995 Per Person – Double Occupancy – Single rooms –  Shared Guide

$6995 Single Supplement – Single Rooms -Single Guide

$1200 – Non Hunter

Bisbee -Douglas Airport p/u & D/O $200 per -Person 

Mearns Quail Hunting in Arizona

What's Included


  • 4 nights lodging with private rooms
  • 3 days guided hunting with 2 hunters per 1 guide ratio
  • Meals
  • Beer, wine,liquor
  • 12,20 &28 Gauge shotgun shells
  • Bird processing
  • Private Land Access
  • Transportation to and from the Lodge to the Field
  • Shotguns if needed


  • Transportation to the lodge from Tucson
  • Arizona Hunting License
  • Gratuities
  • Air Port Pick up  Bisbee-Douglas International 

2024/25 Dates

2024 Slots for 10 guns are as follows:

  • Arrive Dec.5  – Depart Dec.9 – 1 slots left     
  • Arrive Dec.12 -Depart Dec 16 -sold out  
  • 2025 Slots for 10 guns are as follows:
  • Arrive Jan 2 – Depart Jan 6   -1 slot left 
  • Arrive Jan 12 -Depart Jan 16  –
  • Arrive Jan 17- Depart Jan 21   -sold out  
  • Arrive Jan 23-Depart Jan 27   sold out 
  • Arrive Jan 29 – Depart Feb 2 -2 slots left  

Arizona Quail Hunting Equipment List

  • Shotgun 12-28 Gauge hinged action preferred
  • Layered Clothing
  • Field Pants
  • Strap Vest
  • Un insulated Boots
  • Arizona Hunting License
  • Gun sock or soft case
  • Polarized Sun Glasses or
  • Shooting Glasses
  • Rain Jacket
  • Your Dogs are welcome