Covering a Chili Point

The Arizona Quail Season has now ended and by all accounts it was decent.We saw a little  bump in Desert Bird #’s and depending where you hunted Mearns seemed to be OK overall.The good news is that at time of writing its raining, and we had a lot of it this winter.Winter Rain in Arizona usually transpire to more Desert Quail, we are long overdue for a good bump in Gambels and Scaled Quail numbers and a lot of fingers are crossed that happens.Stay tuned Amigos and keep doing the Rain Dance!Check Out our El Coronado Lodge and Arizona Quail Hunting Pages.

Mearns Quail

Sunny on Point

Kate and Chili

Millie on Point

SxS and a Male Mearns

Crush on Point

Gambels and Mearns Quail

Male Mearns Quail and a Hammer Gun

covering a Point

Arizona Quail Slam

Lift Off


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