Covering a Chili Point

The Arizona Quail Season has now ended and by all accounts it was decent.We saw a little  bump in Desert Bird #’s and depending where you hunted Mearns seemed to be OK overall.The good news is that at time of writing its raining, and we had a lot of it this winter.Winter Rain in Arizona usually transpire to more Desert Quail, we are long overdue for a good bump in Gambels and Scaled Quail numbers and a lot of fingers are crossed that happens.Stay tuned Amigos and keep doing the Rain Dance!

Mearns Quail

Sunny on Point

Kate and Chili

Millie on Point

SxS and a Male Mearns

Crush on Point

Gambels and Mearns Quail

Male Mearns Quail and a Hammer Gun



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