Final Shots in West Texas

Idaho Bill tears up the West Texas Desert

Our Arizona Quail Season will go down in the History Books as tough but rewarding.When it ended I needed to get out of Dodge and chill out with just my four legged Amigos.I always had it in for the Trans Pecos area of West Texas,maybe it has something to do with watching “No Country For Oldmen” to many times or rumors of great Blue Quail Hunting …knowing what I know about myself (which is not much)  it was a combo of the two. I made a call out to Ryan O’Shaughnessy owner of West Texas Quail Outfitters    based out of Alpine Texas.Ryan was very gracious about sharing his intel and made the intro to Bill Miller owner of the Historic 30,000 acre  CE Miller Ranch near Valentine Texas.

Desert Flora

Bill’s Ranch had everything I was looking for,lots of room to maneuver along with enough Blue Quail to keep things interesting.For two days the dogs and I hit it as hard as we wanted,despite the 70+ degree temps we always found plenty of  birds on our loops, classic “Cat and Mouse” Blue Quail Hunting with Covey’s ranging from 15 -50 Birds.It was a prefect way to shut down my Quail Season.At end of the two days that we hunted, dog’s pads where raw and they where tired,I’m still pulling cactus thorns out of my leg’s.Perfect.Until next season!

Scaled Quail and a Double Gun
Belle chilling in West Texas
A tired Milly
Scenes from West Texas
Honey Badger along for the ride
Kate getting it done
Belle and Kate checking out the Blue Quail they pointed