First Impressions of The Arizona Quail Season

Gambels Quail on the ground and running


The Temperature dropped enough that I now feel safe in getting out and seeing what is going on with Quail in South Eastern Arizona . I think overall it is going to be “spotty ” hence I plan on doing a lot of homework in the next weeks to come before I start guiding clients . My sojourn to the Desert yesterday resulted in two covey finds on two separate walks , A Covey of Scalies eluded us ,then flew off and we hit pay dirt on a covey of Gambels Quail. The area we hunted received 7 inches of rain , so it is off about 50% from what it normally gets .The grass is ok , however the Rancher really looks after it by not over grazing.

The Birds I harvested where juveniles ,so that’s good ,it is a indication that despite the poor conditions the Gambels Quail in the area did have a hatch …but nothing major. Stayed tuned and if you are at all concerned with Arizona Quail hunting consider joiningSouthern Arizona Quail Forever .

A male and female Gambels Quail