High Plains “Buddy” March 2005 – July 3rd 2017

Go to the light -Buddy pointing Huns in Saskatchewan

It seems shitty things happen in threes,today confirmed that .Lisa took our English Pointer “Buddy” to the Vet because he was favoring a leg ,the results of the X -Rax showed a tumor growing in his shoulder area.We could have had the leg amputated buying us maybe two more months.Over the Phone Lisa and I made the decision to put Buddy downWith his head in Lisa’s hands,His life ended @ 4.45 Pm. In the last 3 months we had to say good bye to Spot then Slick and now Buddy ..there’s our three shitty dealings in less than 4 months.Hopefully it’s over.

Buddy pointing running Scalies while Tish sits before being released to flush.

Buddy came to us when he was two years old.His previous owner had sold me  Spot and because Spot’s testicles(balls) did not drop we received Buddy as compensation.At that time Buddy was called Bandit by his owner, due to Bandit’s chilled out and friendly nature Lisa and I named him “Buddy”.

Buddy Chilling







Once we figured each other out Buddy rocked it.The laid back English Pointer would kick in to over drive while out in the field hunting turning into a  consummate predator that raised havoc on Upland Bird Populations wherever he went.From Pheasants and Bobwhites in Oklahoma,Scaled,Mearns and Gambels Quail at Home in Arizona,Huns and Sharptails in Saskatchewan wherever Buddy went he “owned it” and never messed up.

Buddy riding shotgun thru Idaho

Lisa really liked him.He was always happy and would greet everyone with a wagging tail.With Lisa he would go into goofy mode, crouching down with his tail still wagging then prance around her.Today when I talked to Lisa while they where at the Vet and we had made the decision I asked what Buddy was doing “wagging his tail “was her response.

Buddy on the left backs Spot,Sam,Ringo while a very young Ace figures out the Bird Dog Game.

Until the end Buddy’s tail kept wagging and I’ll miss hearing the thumping of his tail in a dog Box.His morning routine of coming up to us and going into goofy mode will also be missed.I will cherish the memories of his uncanny ability to find and point birds,how he worked with running mates and our puppies.Buddy was always a pro.

Buddy and Kate pointing Mearns Quail


Buddy now Joins his Buddies Slick,Spot,Ted,Tank,Jamie,Hilda,Dixie,Reba,Zane,Roxy,Covey,Cochise,Quincy,Clint,Jasper,Lucy ,Crash ,Sunny and Okie in The happy Hunting Grounds.Like all the dogs that have passed we will miss him dearly.

Thanks To Doctor Roberto Rojas and Companion’s Veterinarian Clinic in Nogales Arizona for all their help.

My Favorite Buddy point on The El Coronado Ranch in Arizona