High Plains “Slick” /05/09/2007 – 05/01/2017

Slick during Saskatchewan Spring Training -2008

One of the harsh realities of owning a bunch of Bird Dogs is that get  to “play God”.Sometimes in very short duration.Like all stressful and emotional situations,We often ask  God ( or the Powers of the Universe )for a sign to help justify our decision making.I received  “the sign” this morning when I checked on Slick.My  high hopes where that after four days on being on antibiotics his nose would stop bleeding and his breathing would improve.It did not happen.Slick who had been also having problems eating food, very slowly ate the canned wet food that we use to hide pills.There’s your sign …in a very shitty way confirming the worst.Slick was slowly dying of cancer,an agressive tumor had formed in his sinuses.

Happy Boy with a Saskatchewan Hungarian Partridge

In February of 2007  I took Lisa to a Brittany Field Trail in SonoitaAZ,the hopes where we would find a somewhat started Brittany that would fill a void that was left from the tragic deaths of Jasper and Crash.We did.A little 7 Month Old Puppy  from California was very happy to meet us.His owner rambled out his Pedigree and had him point some pigeons,we wrote a check and Slick came home with us.

Slick Pointing Mearns Quail -2016

With his low key nature Slick fit right in with the other dogs.As we trained he figured things out fast and  proved to be a consistent Bird Dog,joining the “A” Team by 14 months.I loved the way he covered the ground.He was methodical,never competing with his often bigger running  English Pointer Brace-mate.Slick would just dive into his own little world and hunt his way.Producing the whole time.


Slick Pointing Mearns Quail

I had the honor of hunting/running  Slick on some cool landscapes.The Sonoran Desert of Mexico and Arizona,The Chihuanhuan Desert of Arizona and New Mexico,The Southern Plains of Texas,Oklahoma and New Mexico,finally The Northern Plains of Alberta,Sasktchewan and Montana.Over time Slick racked up points on Bobwhite,Gambels,Mearns and Scaled Quail,Lesser Prairie Chickens,Sharptail Grouse,Sage Grouse,Huungarian Partridge and Pheasants.He got around,I will have a lot of great memories of Slick on point when I visit my Spots on future hunting t

Slick -Arizona Mearns Quail

Slick was the Sire of our one and only Brittany “oops” Litter.The result was 4 Puppies that like their Mom and Dad turned into stellar little Bird Dogs.Squeaky is the last remaining dog we own of that linage.Like Slick,Tank and Lucy(Dam) have since gone to the land of 1000 Bird Coveys.

Slick Retrieves a Sharptail -Saskatchewan

With the exception of having it in for our cat,Slick was great around the house.Even if he got close to the Cat he would back down. He was all show in that department.Lisa really liked and will miss him.He would always be on his best behavior with her.Standing back and waiting his turn for getting affection,biscuits and ice cubes.

Slick and Lou Lou Pointing Huns-Saskatchewan

Slick breathed for his last time at 2.12 PM.He was ready.When the Purple needle was administred he went fast.He now is off Hunting with Spot,Okie,Ted,Hilda,Dixie, Jamie,Crash,Jasper,Covey,Zane,Roxy,Reba,Quincy,Cochise,Clint,Sunny ,Tank and Lucy.Lisa and I will miss Slick,but we both know he is in a good place.Thanks to Doctor Roberto Rojas and the Staff at Companion Veterinarian Hospital -Nogales AZ .

Slick’s Empty Collar