Hunting for Huns

Admiring Huns

About this time every year I post something about Huns.Usually its on a day off when I can kick back and reflect on the days that have slipped passed since arriving in Saskatchewan.

Crush Retrieves a Hun.

What excites me is watching the Dogs get their head back into the game… quickly.It sees the experienced dogs  remember how to deal with Huns, running big then cautiously slowing down as soon as they catch scent, the less expereinced blow through the coveys a couple of times then figure out that Huns cannot be pushed.

Mille and Patch Pointing Huns

The country is huge, subsequently some days are compared to “searching for a needle in a haystack” Pointing Dogs work best,flushers will get the job done  especially on road Coveys.Hunters need to cover the miles sometimes for little or no reward.


Covey Rise

Huns are notorious for screwing over Hunters.the last couple of days we watched dogs point and relocate for over 50 yards only for the birds to blow up behind the dog.On another find the birds ran  and flushed 30 yards out from the dog making for some long 40 yard shots.Then there is the speed at which Hungarian Partridge fly which is right around 40 MPH,twice as fast as any quail.I never seen anyone “miss” because they did not lead the birds.

Millie Pointing Huns

You need to put the time in to be rewarded with tight holding birds which does happen.

Crush Points a Yard Covey

Ask any Hun enthusiast why he or she pursues these great game birds and chances are the answer is all of the above.Bottomline is they are an underrated Quarry  that inhabits some pretty cool landscapes,most notably the Northern Plains.

A Hun and a SXS
Hun Gun
Millie sticks a yard covey