Labrador Rivalry


Tish after a morning shoot

The Labrador Girls have been quite busy . Tish the four year old veteran has been getting at it ,picking up Ducks ,Geese and flushing Huns . Eight month old Josie is our black ball of enthusiasm. She has been   flushing then picking up Huns and now with her first Duck Shoot under her belt she is well on her way to becoming Tish’s arch rival. They realize  their roles and howl if they are not involved in the feathered activities .

Josie with a Hun

But thats ok, Josie is supposed to spell Tish off , Tish however does not feel she should  miss anything ,after all she was here first.

Josie and her feathered face

Thats ok ,competion is healthy ,Tish just has to figure out she is not always going to be the Queen Bee.

Josie and a Mallard

Josie has a lot to learn before she can steal the title of top retriever away from Tish .On the other hand once Josie gains more experience she will give Tish a good run for her money .

Tish sits before as Ted points.

Despite the Labrador rivalry both Tish and Josie are enjoying themselves here at D.B.O.‘s Saskatchewan Bird Camp,for that matter so are all the other dogs and our guests .

Tish and Huns
Josie in flushing dog mode .
Tish doing a water retrieve