Okie -Dec.2004 -17 June 2012

Okie as a puppy with  hanging with me and Ben O Williams in Oklahoma, Okie is jumping on me.

I got the call from Lisa  that Okie had  passed on ,literally  ” here one day gone the next ” we never saw it coming  but that is how it goes .Okie was born in Oklahoma (go figure ) and purchased from Bodarc Kennel when he was 9 weeks old.He was  an Elhew Phantom,Guard Rail and Fiddler mix  . His first point was at 10 weeks old , on a covey of Bobwhites that we saw fly  into a Plum Thicket.With Okie on a check cord I made my way over and Okie  pointed,the Covey flushed  and a Pointer Puppy was on his way to becoming a great Bird Dog ..nice .His last point was in April on a covey of Scaled Quail it to  was awesome .

Between the first point and his last point  there where a ton of other points,backs and retrieves  on a lot of different game birds in a lot of cool places.Okie handled all his birds well ,but he shone with Quail. He dialed in Bobwhites at an early age ,at home in Arizona  he was a menace on Mearns Quail ,these where my  favorite Okie points .Of course I will miss Okie on my future bird hunting adventures .Lisa and I will miss his  antics around the house,which in Okie fashion where both  loving and humorous .He had an armpit fetish , and loved to carry small sticks over to Lisa ,where he would stand in front of her with his tail wagging  showing off. Okie is now with Cochise, Quincy, Sunny, Clint ,Crash, Jasper, and Jamie .I know he will be in good company and good hands. Rest in Peace my Goofy Boy.Thanks for the good times and your loyalty, we will see down the road .




Pointing Sharptails in SK
Tail wagging – Oklahoma
Scaled Quail _AZ
Sharptail -SK
Mearns Quail AZ
Huns in SK


Mearns Quail -AZ


Mearns Quail -AZ

In the yard