Grain Bin

With our Saskatchewan Bird Hunting Season over it’s time to post a few pics from there.We where kinda busy hence the delay.The beauty is in the moment and a pic is the next best thing to being there ! Enjoy !


Josie retrieves a Duck


Field Shoot

Old Barn

Covey Rise

Covering a Point

Lichen covered Rock

Covering an “Idaho Bill” Point

Millie pointing a “Hill top ” Covey

“Belle” enjoying some couch time

“Crush” on point in an old Yard

Old Homestead

“Crush” pointing a Ghost Town Covey

Hungarian Partridge and an Over and Under


A Hun and a 16 Gauge

Walking the big Country

“Millie” pointing Huns in an old yard

Fence Post


Millie sticks a yard covey

Hun Gun


Mille and Patch Pointing Huns

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