Post Card From The Prairies

Sk Farmstead

When I received my marching orders to move to Calgary I drove west across Ontario,Manitoba,Saskatchewan then into Alberta . I was bored with the drive across the Prairie Provinces , a speeding ticket was the result in my rushing to get through what I perceived as a vast “nothing ” of flatlands ,I wanted The Rocky Mountains and The Bow River .

Sand Hill Cranes

Bird Hunting changed that thought process , now I can’t wait to spend early Fall out on The High Plains . I am captivated by the vastness , the never ending sea of grass intrigues both me and my Canine Companions .The Prairies where designed for Bird Dogs , They can roll out in search of Huns and Sharptails ,and when they find and point the birds for a moment time stands still. You get the sense that you and your dogs  are part of the landscape ,a minor play in an ecosystem  where Mother Nature is looking at the big picture .Waterfowl move into the area with every cold push from the north , Antelope are on the move  ,the Bucks guarding their harems .Then  there is the human factor .John Deer Combines are busy harvesting and most of the Trains are made up of Grain Cars .It seems everything is moving .

Pointing Huns

Judging by the amount of abandoned Farmsteads  the Prairies proved to be nothing but hardship for folks lured by free land and a new Country ,the same holds true for Bird Hunters , the more effort you put in the more Birds you will see ..thats what keeps us coming back.

A Brittany and a Barn
An English Pointer ripping it up
A Brittany enjoys the moment
Sharptail Point
Cruz nails Huns