Saskatchewan Late Season Ducks

Sk Sunset & Geese
Ducks coming into the Decoys

It happens when the thermometer drops ,big pushes of Waterfowl move in from the north .  Ducks and Geese  escape cooler temps and set up camp in balmy S.W. Saskatchewan until they are frozen out .It makes for some excellent Waterfowling  opportunities as millions of Birds are in the region feeding in the numerous high protein pea fields .

Tish settles in for a morning field shoot

Prior to this “push “there are still lots of Waterfowl in the area , but this late migration is the last big pulse before the all the  water  freezes .What gets us going is the amount of BIG Northern Mallards that are around . The Duck hunting goes from being very good to excellent .

Hero shot – Limits of Mallards

The Hunters and the Dogs eat it up ,as this is as good as duck hunting gets . Our camp record is now 24 Ducks on the ground in 24 minutes , it would have been sooner  but stopping the hunt to collect and count keeps everything legal. Despite the colder temps.those willing are greatly rewarded ….what are you waiting for ? This is Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting at it ‘s finest .

Tish in action
Curly tailed Green Head from the north
Josie scans the horizon
Pintail Drake
Happy Hunter